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  • 2d art

    2D Artwork

    Our 2D Art Outsourcing Team can cover any field, including various forms of conceptualization, asset planning, illustration and more. Every project requires a unique approach to art. We make sure we can cover exactly what you need. From cartoony to realistic works, from plans to illustration.

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  • 3d art

    3D Artwork

    With our versatile 3D art team, we can cover all the needs of our clients when it comes out Outsourcing of 3D Art. From characters, to creatures - all the way to props and compelx environments, including the entire art of a product if need be!

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  • Animation

    Animation, Rigging and Motion Capture

    Our Animation team can cover all your needs when it comes to rigging and animating characters, including humanoids, vehicles, mechs, animals or creatures of various types. Additionally, we can also handle motion capture and motion capture cleaning for humanoids.

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  • Audio

    Sound Design and Compositon

    Our Audio Team can cover a variety of needs when it comes to Game related sounds and music. This includes composition of original music, arranging for recording live orchestra, voice acting auditions and recording, sound design and implementation as well as field recording for all your needs.

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  • Nordic Games

    We have worked on a variety of projects with Nordic Games, including cinematic production, level design, prototype development, audio development, animation and 3D art. read more...

  • Star Vault

    We have worked on new content for the MMO Mortal online, including motion capture for characters, animation, 3D art and technical art on Unreal Engine 3. read more...

  • Milestone Srl

    We worked on a variety of products with Milestone, including MotoGP 2013 and WRC 4: FIA World Rally Champioship. read more...

  • InContext Solutions

    We worked on 3D modeling and texturing of lowpoly consumer products for InContext solutions to be used within their products and systems. read more...

  • IC3D Media

    We worked on a variety of 2D Artworks for IC3D media related to art style definition, character style experimentation, concept art and illustration. read more...

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